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history of music

Jazz music which is thought to be an art creation of the American blacks during the early decades of the twentieth century has been an important subject of the social history of US. It gained popularity not only as an art form but it also helped the hapless blacks, who were the offspring of the enslaved African origin blacks brought into America by the white settlers to exploit them for their labor needs, to gain a social standing through the power of music. They, with the help of influential jazz music, brought to limelight the miseries that they are suffering because of the racial hatred.

Initially the jazz music flourished in the South American region. New Orleans was especially very dear to this art. From there it traveled to all parts of America. In the beginning years there was strong resistance seen on the part of whites who could not see the blacks progressing in some field. But despite all their malicious efforts to suppress the jazz music being spread into society, they themselves were vanquished by its influence. It made itself as a hallmark of the US culture. Whites and immigrants from other regions of world were seen getting into this music.

The music when adopted by people from different ethnic backgrounds living in the multicultural society of US groomed further and many other variations were developed of it. All these happenings with the jazz were signifying the growing influence of the Negroes. The lyrics of their songs, especially the improvisation technique used in the Jazz which allows the singer to sing without even the tune, were expressive of their true emotions and their social sufferings on being the isolated and neglected portion of the society. It, in a sense, played a considerable role in reducing the racial differences. Other people of different ethnicities also used it to raise their voice.

Jazz was setting its roots in the music landscape and became popular in all people. Because of its rapid development people started calling it the rise of 'Jazz Culture' in America.

It was just after the end of slavery in US the Jazz music started to grow. The slave trade, though it was ended by the American law, had profound effects for the US society. It generated a milieu of hatred for blacks toward whites and vice versa. This legacy had to last for generations and according to the recent studies there is still a huge tendency of racism that exist in American people. In addition to this there were immigrants from other regions of the world that further amplified the diversity and nationalistic feelings among people who were now living together in the multi-ethnic society of US. In such an atmosphere the empowerment of blacks through the help of their arts movements was a historic marvel. It was not just music that was their sole part of the black arts movement. Other genres of art like poetry, fiction, fashion were also distinctively used by them

In the city of New Orleans where the Jazz music was born there was a peculiar tradition among people. During the funerals the people were consoled by these jazz singers who used to play funeral songs that soothed the family and friends of the dead person. This practice was becoming more and more prominent and was taking a shape of a must element of funeral processions. Moreover the people of New Orleans were very fond of holding music parties, concerts, balls,etc. that further paved the way for jazz to get fame among people. In this way the city of New Orleans mushroomed jazz culture and is therefore called the mother city of jazz music. One of the most famous and much cherished jazz singer Louis Armstrong also belonged to that place.

From New Orleans Jazz was entering into the boundaries of New York and Chicago. These cities also proved to be welcoming for it. So large was becoming its influence that many recording companies, who initially were not providing equal opportunity to black artists to record their albums, started to give access to these jazz singers to prepare their albums in the recording houses. That rapidly boosted the growth of jazz music. Firstly the recording companies which were mainly owned by whites were skeptic that the jazz would be liked by the greater masses.

The things got contrary to their expectations. The jazz music was even adopted by whites who fell in love with it and made their own variations of the jazz. It was becoming the voice of the people. After its commercialization and likeness by the people more black singers were encouraged to release their albums. In this way they were assimilating their identities with other segments of the society. They were listened, played and copied. Their message that began to come in front of mounting audience helped to eliminate the prejudiced thoughts directed toward them.

Jazz music was a quintessential part of the famous Black Arts movement and its efficacy to bring the voice of blacks to the limelight proved more good than other arts. There were singers like Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, etc. who played a superb role in utilizing Jazz as a platform to express the miseries, fears, dangers, hatred and negligence the blacks face on the hands of whites. Initially, when the jazz was being adopted by white singers, the runners of Black Arts movement considered it as a threat and protested the involvement of non-blacks in it.

After the 1950s the Asian-Americans were also seen getting into Jazz. They too uses jazz to raise their voice which helped them to raise their social status. They were able to cast a political influence on the higher powers as well.

Jazz was a wonderful addition in the field of music and had been a healthy form of entertainment. A music that grew at a place where the subjugated class--blacks--had little opportunity to compete with the self-supposed superiors--whites--who could have set obstacles for the Jazz music to start its drive to nadir before making any rise. And in fact initially the intentions of the whites were not different than this but as the outburst of emotions can not be stopped they realized that the Jazz had to cross limits.

history of music


Are you a heavy or chain smoker? Have you thought about quitting your smoking habit? Smoking is the cause of serious health concerns such a cancer, lung disease, heart attack, stroke and even blindness. Quitting the habit can change your life for the better. Immediate results of quitting are that you feel more active and energetic. Daily activities no longer leave you short of breath. Your clothes and breath smell normal and fingernails and teeth are no longer stained. Long-term benefits include good health levels and increased life span.

How do you quit smoking? There is no easy way to stopping the habit, because it is addictive in nature. You need to be determined and fully committed to stop this habit, as a casual approach will not help out. You can begin by writing down the reasons for quitting. Read them out carefully and imbibe every reason so that realizations sink in why you need to quit.

Once you have focused yourself on the need to quit, it's important to inform people around you that you are trying to stop. People around you who smoke should not call you out for a smoke together. Inform your family and friends about it so that they support you and keep you motivated to stay away from the habit.

Cigarette contains Nicotine, which is quite addictive in nature. When you stop suddenly, you can experience withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, cravings to smoke again, dizziness, shortness in breath, constipation, frustration and so on. You can cope with such symptoms by learning deep breathing techniques and also by opting for nicotine substitutes such as gum, nuts, nasal spray or lozenges when you get the urge to smoke. Now, there are many options such as using an e-cigarette, stop smoking pills, hypnotherapy, and herbal medicines. These solutions can help you cope with quitting, till the need for smoking stops completely and naturally.

A cigarette is like a close friend so you need to deal with it carefully. Quitting smoking is like if you stop talking to someone close to you. Counseling programs can help you cope with the emotional problems that arise from quitting. It will also keep you focused on quitting. Intense counseling programs give you the encouragement and support you need to quit.

Leading a healthier lifestyle is vital to help you quit. Make sure to have a balanced diet, so that you get plenty of vitamins and minerals from your daily food intake. The urge to smoke is aggravated by fatty foods and also by alcohol, so you need to learn how to avoid them. Drink lots of water everyday to flush out nicotine and other toxins that stay in your body.


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rolling gate repair

A rolling gate is one of the best choices when you are installing gates in your home or office. Owing to their ease of use, durability and capacity to provide excellent protection against intruders, rolling gates is in huge demand. Let us discuss some of the advantages of choosing rolling gates:

Easy to Use: These gates are extremely easy to operate. They can be rolled up and down without putting in much effort.Most rolling gates are equipped with a drag notch or lift bar that make it extremely effortless to operate them. In addition, the more expensive and high-end rolling gates that functions through electric powered motor instead of being operated manually, are designed for absolute ease of use without the need to put any kind of effort at all.

Durability: Rolling gates are highly durable and capable of withstanding a great deal of force application. These steel-based doorways are constructed with superior quality material in order to be made extremely strong, sturdy and protective. They are designed in a way to endure the pressures caused during rolling the gates up and down several times daily. They are sturdy enough to provide excellent protection to your home and properties.

Appearance: In spite of the fact that the popularity of these gates is primarily due to their ability to provide outstanding protection for your home or office, they can also provide a polished and smart look. The steel-based doorways are extremely easy to clean and can be easily polished after scratches or other damages.

However, despite their high durability and sturdiness, there's still a certain amount of maintenance that you need to provide to your rolling gates in order to retain their functionality. Since they provide protection for your property against intruders, it is extremely important that you fix any kind of problem they face on an immediate basis. And the best way to repair rolling gates is to get in touch with experienced and reputed professional services. Owing to the fact that a great deal of technical details needs to be taken care of for fixing these problems, it is advisable not to make an attempt to carry out the repairing tasks on your own and rely on professional expertise.

However, it is important that you choose the most reliable and appropriate service for carrying out these tasks in order to avoid the chances for further damages and disappointments. Here are some of the factors you need to consider in choosing a reliable service:

Insurance: This is one of the most significant factors that you need to consider while choosing a gate repair service. It is important to choose an insured service in order to make sure that they are capable of taking full charge of any possible damages that might occur to your gate or other parts of your property while they carry out the repairing project.

Trained Staffs: The technicians they work with must be highly experienced, trained and well-equipped to provide the quickest and the most efficient remedy for your gate problems.

Reputation: The gate repairing service you choose must have the reputation of providing efficient and exceptional services to their customers.

Rolling gates are excellent choices for your house provided they are given proper maintenance.

rolling gate repair

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Technology is influencing our way of acting, it influences our knowhow and marketers must adapt to it. In the industrial era thought was linear and organizations and knowledge structure was very linear. Nowadays quantum physics is showing a more organic and unpredictable way of seeing things. Having this in mind, will enable us to adapt more careful.

This connection with the latest technological development is influencing publishers to adapt or die. One those trends is the increased use of "fringe" social hubs. Brands with a broader presence will certainly be sort of less skeptical when publishing content via social hubs that were considered in the past "fringe." As time goes by we are also noticing many interesting ways of interactive content, one of those is through 360 views photo just like a virtual 360 view. The other trend is the use of animated GIFs dominating newsfeeds and timelines. These two will continue its growth for the next years.

Based on technology once again, algorithms are now to generate content. We are now listening the introduction of artificial intelligence in content generation which will be a game-changer

Balancing SEO, SMM, UX and analytics. We are noticing that a proper mix of SEO, SMM, UX and analytics can help you reap rich rewards when you value their importance equally and treat them as one rather than individual components

Paid Social. We noticed that back in 2015 there was a big growth on promoted posts. For example, Twitter was 75%, Facebook, 80% and LinkedIn 65%. Organic reach of course continues to dwindle as social networks aggressively push for advertising on their platforms. It's time to catch up on the paid social approach as this is just getting bigger

New publishing options in social media. Instant articles by Facebook can now help publishers give their content more visibility in comparison to content on their native publishing platforms.

Real-time aggregated content is on the ride. One example is Twitter's Curator. News channels will face huge competition from brands serving real-time updates of events as they happen-

Fringe social hubs. Brands with a broader presence will certainly be sort of less skeptical when publishing content via social hubs that were considered in the past "fringe." Those "fringe" hubs are becoming mainstream. Content strategies are centered on Snapchat and Instagram and will only increase in 2016.

Influencer marketing. Brands can generate higher sales by harnessing the reach of influencers. According to a study by McKinsey, such campaigns had a 35% more retention rate than paid ads and fetched an ROI of $9.6/$1 this year from $6.85 in 2014. Influencer's reach is cost-effective. Influener marketing will be a part of every content marketing strategy in 2016.

Visual content such as infographics will continue enabling marketers to deliver personalized content. Global internet speed grew by 17% in a single year. Slow internet connection is not a problem anymore, therefore delivering cool graphic-oriented content should be paramount to implement for the next years.

Mobile marketing will rise even higher. There will be more mobile access to new audiences as time goes by. It has remained constant as years pass by but it will just get higher and higher in the next years.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Facebook's main strategy for the next years is augmented reality. Creating virtual reality based content will allow marketers to explore a new frontier of content assimilation. This will give a push for big brands. Facebook's new 360 video option is opening a whole new realm of content creation possibilities.

Knowledge graph. With the introduction of Google's Knowledge Graph feature. Brands have started focusing on ranking for long-tail keywords. This will be one of the main key drivers that will define SEO in 2016.

Finally, make this year the time to establish real bonds between customers and your brand. Do internal marketing at your organization, company or startup in order to reduce resistance. Marketers surveyed lamented the main reason they aren't building stronger bonds with customers is due to internal resistance. To deliver a compelling brand to customers means marketers need to effectively engage and cut across an organization. This is neither easy nor welcome, but it appears many agree. Improving the product offering is the #1 way marketers feel customer intimacy can be improved.

Make your brand essential by striving toward personalization, relevance, and anticipation. Marketers stated customer service is where they can most effectively build intimacy. They also indicated that the majority of their customers associate their brands with the Brand Intimacy archetype of fulfillment: exceeding expectations, delivering superior service, quality, and efficacy. Focus on keeping customers fulfilled and engaged with your brand by continuously delighting them.

Good storytelling and generating emotional response among your target audience will be more important than ever this year - how this content is delivered, though, is key. App development and content for an instant society. The 5 most popular messaging apps feature 3.5 billion monthly active users, according to Statista, and marketers are beginning to take notice. Facebook has already integrated branded campaigns into Facebook Messenger and plans to do more of this come Spring 2016. WhatsApp is opening up their platform for business accounts. Snapchat has introduced Snapchat Discover and the option for any advertiser or individual to create their own geo filter with Snapchat on Demand. Messaging is already huge in the digital world. Expect digital marketers to make it even bigger.

A trend towards a longer sales funnel where digital marketers provide an increasingly high level of value upfront, before moving towards asking for an email address or moving into a sales sequence. This will usually be in the form of content marketing - via blog posts, YouTube videos, and webinars, as well as through the rapidly growing live video space using platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live. The most successful digital marketers will be those who are able to establish a high level of trust before asking potential clients and customers for the sale. This is additional work for marketers because they will have to strategically craft a large amount of free content, but the rewards will come in the form of an easier sale when they do ask for it, simply because they have already established authority and trust with the prospect.

Big data and real-time analytics. Historically, marketers viewed data as something static and tied to reporting. But data is now more dynamic, accessible, and broadly understood. This will open up new opportunities for messaging optimization - but, more importantly, this access to data will challenge marketers to become nimbler and responsive.


Businesses for Sale Ontario

If you are planning to buy a small business for sale, one of the most critical elements of that transaction involves placing a value on the business. How can you feel comfortable paying a particular price if you don't know if it's a good deal? While public companies have a simple formula to follow in business valuation - simply look up their price per share online or in the newspaper - the same is not true for privately held enterprises. With small businesses for sale, it is necessary to do a lot more homework before you can determine what price you should be paying to buy that small business.

Seller vs. Buyer

With businesses for sale in all sorts of sectors, there are many variables to consider and critical issues to resolve in order to arrive at a proper valuation. The seller comes up with a price, and it's up to the buyer to decide if that price truly and accurately reflects what the business is worth. No value is written in stone - there is always room for negotiation, especially if the buyer has some compelling evidence to show why he or she feels the counteroffer has merit. Calling in an expert to help place a value on a business can save you a lot of headaches, as well as provide significant ammunition in proving your view of the transaction. Business brokers buy and sell companies all day long, and many of them specialize in particular industries that reinforce their expertise. Accountants can also help value a business, as can bankers.

Business Valuation Methods

Whether you hire an expert or choose to go it alone, selecting the proper valuation method - or combination of methods - is an important step in the process. Here is a list of the more common methods, along with a brief explanation of each:

· Asset valuation - When a company has a lot of physical assets, such as in manufacturing or retail sales, this is a common way to determine valuation. One takes into account the current market value of all assets (including cash on hand) and subtracts the liabilities.

· Capitalization of Income - This method is best utilized for companies that have few physical assets but a lot of value in intangibles, such as one that sells services rather than products. Each variable is rated on a 0-5 scale, averaged into a single score, and then used as a multiplying factor against net income. For example, if a company's score is 2.6 and its annual net income is $250,000, the valuation would be $650,000.

· Cash Flow - The amount of money a business brings in the door is adjusted for depreciation, equipment replacement, and other liabilities, and then a loan amount on the remainder is determined through the use of standard lending rules. The amount of the loan is the value of the business. For example, if a banker is willing to loan you $300,000 after performing the aforementioned calculations, then the business is effectively worth $300,000.

· Market multiplier - Examine the sale price of similar businesses in the same industry, comparing their annual gross sales to the price at which the business changed hands. Average this figure over the course of many transactions, and then multiply that number times the gross sales of the business you wish to buy.

· Tangible assets - This is a common method for use with companies that have a flat or negative income. The firm's value is the sum of all current assets, based upon their liquidation price.

It is well worth the effort to employ more than one method, either using them together to arrive at an average, or else as a self-check. In many cases, the seller or his advisors have used one or more of these procedures to arrive at their price. One of the first questions you may wish to ask when contemplating the purchase of a small business is, "Which valuation method did you use?" Then do your own math and see if you come up with a similar figure.

Businesses for Sale Ontario

engagement photographer Northern Virginia

A wedding photographer is not just any photographer who comes along to take some photographs; they should be able to connect in a friendly and confident manner, with the bride, groom, parents, grandparents and any children at the wedding and sometimes, the pet dog as well. The photographer should feel all the emotions and become a part of their day, by that I mean that they should understand the emotions of the people attending the wedding, after all, how else can the wedding photographer capture these emotions on camera, if they don't feel and understand them.

The romance, excitement and the final realisation of months, maybe even years, of planning for this one day and it's the wedding photographer's job to capture these emotions in a realistic yet, beautiful way. The bride and groom will be nervous, the parents hoping everything runs as smoothly as they have planned for and the kids, trying not to look too bored with all the fuss around them. I often capture some great photographs of the kids at weddings. The photographs should reflect the events of the day in such a way that, looking back, when you're an old married couple, it will seem like the wedding was only yesterday.

All the details need to be photographed, including the church or venue for the ceremony and of course, the reception. As a wedding photographer, I consider it a vital part of my work, to arrive early, get to know the layout of wedding venue, select the best positions and angles for the shots that I want to capture, during the ceremony and strive to produce incredible photos.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who will not allow the religious ceremony to be photographed which is another reason I like to arrive early, to give myself the opportunity to chat with the minister, priest or official who will be conducting the ceremony and if possible, gain a little compromise, in such cases. A good wedding photographer will be aware of all the areas to consider for every occasion. Your wedding will be unique and your wedding photographs should also be unique.

I chose to specialise in wedding photography, initially because I didn't have a photography studio however, while I run a photography business, I also get so much personal enjoyment from photographing weddings, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My approach to wedding photography is very relaxed; I prefer the wedding photojournalism approach, as most top wedding photographers do. My wedding portfolio is full of photographs of relaxed couples enjoying their wedding day and spending time with friends and family not, the photographer. These photographs are far more enjoyable to look at and also help to capture the wedding's events as they unfold, naturally.

In short, wedding photography is very much a specialised area and wedding photography should always be left to the professional. Weddings can't be re-photographed in a photography studio. The photographer who chooses to photograph weddings, had better know exactly what he or she is doing and be able to get it right, every time. It's a huge responsibility and requires a responsible wedding photographer.

engagement photographer Northern Virginia