Monday, May 9, 2016

best wine coolers

Choosing the best wine coolers is a matter of preference. Wine collectors need to decide for themselves which refrigerator is adequate to their needs, and when making this decision many factors will be taken into consideration.

Capacity, temperature control, design, and the way defrosting is performed are only some of the factors that can help you make a decision. When talking about design, you can refer to whether the wine cellar is built in, countertop or under counter. In addition to that, you can also analyze its finish. While some have a furniture finish, others provide the impression of increased durability through their stainless steel exterior.

Humidity is kept under control in several ways. First of all, the best coolers feature devices that collect excessive humidity so it does not damage the bottles. Next, it depends on how defrosting is performed. Most of the coolers perform this task automatically, but in some cases, you need to do this manually.

Temperature can be very easily adjusted, either mechanically, with the help of a knob, or automatically, through digital controls. Keep in mind, though, that the best wine coolers include multiple zones for various types of wine. This way, you are able to store both white and red wine bottles in the same wine refrigerator, even though each type of wine has different temperature requirements. Dual zone or multiple zone wine refrigerators are preferred to the ones that store all the bottles at the same temperature.

Regarding the capacity, each wine enthusiast has to decide how big the best wine coolers need to be. Some may be happy with 6 bottle wine refrigerators, while others may require wine cellars that hold 30, 50 or even 70 bottles.

best wine coolers


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